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Welcome to Chemistry with Cabbage

We call ourselves Chemistry with Cabbage because we work with young students doing experiments with household products to get them excited about materials and their properties.

Teachers – we work in schools all the time making materials great fun.  We do full day workshops with a class or a show for the whole school. Have a look at what we offer and get in touch.

Children and their parents will find loads of really fun experiments that you can do with everyday materials like cabbage, milk, vinegar. There are tips on making a chemistry set in the Student section.

Sandiway primary

What a great time we had with Y6 at Sandiway. They asked loads of really intelligent scientific questions and discovered lots about different household materials. I really look forward to coming back here next year.

Wirral Speed Learning CPD

Some fun science experiments for teachers at Wirral’s excellent CPD speed learning event. We looked at lots of ways of showing that gases are really there including stopping a leaky bottle, ping pong ball holding on a milk bottle, carbon dioxide in your breath and… Read more

Rode Heath

Rode Heath students have done some amazing science. We worked on materials looking at the properties of lots of different liquids. They loved making indicators, testing different chemicals and especially making slime. I was so impressed with the questions they asked.